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Hey there!  I’m Nicole Baltes and welcome to Connected in Motion.

I am here to get you EXCITED ABOUT EXERCISING and to help you experience the JOY of moving your body the way I experience it.

I am so passionate about Pilates and GYROTONIC®exercise and I just know you will be too once you experience them.

Let’s start our journey. Read on . . .

My Story

As a professional dancer, I experienced multiple injuries throughout the years that led me to begin studying Pilates and Gyrotonic exercise.  I fell in love with both of these methods.  In time, it became obvious to me that I was meant to teach others these life-changing forms of exercise and movement, so that others could benefit from them the way that I did.

What You Will Experience

I am not just here to give you a session, but to truly TEACH you how to strengthen, how to stretch, and how to move in order to improve your body’s functionality and give you FREEDOM in your movement.  Doesn’t that sound awesome?!  The benefits that your body and mind will experience from Pilates and Gyrotonic exercise are plentiful and go far beyond what you’d get from other typical workouts.

You will feel EMPOWERED and not frustrated.  You will begin to ENJOY working out.  And it will start to feel like a special treat that you’re giving yourself instead of something you’re forcing yourself to do.

“Nicole offers a warm smile and a gentle, yet energetic, personality. Throughout feedback and corrections,
you never feel criticized or weak. You know Nicole genuinely cares about you reaching your personal best.”
–Cara Goodwin, professional dancer

I know first-hand about a lot of the struggles and frustrations involved with working out and trying to stay in shape . . . feeling like you have to force yourself to go to the gym (ugh!), judging yourself, lacking motivation, comparing yourself to how you used to look or what you used to be able to do.  I also know all too well about the mental, emotional and physical effects of being injured and trying to rehabilitate. Boy, is that tough.

BUT, I also know first-hand how much both of these methods (along with the right teacher . . . ME!) can help you accomplish what you want without all of the struggles and frustrations. 

“Pilates provides an outlet for me to improve my strength, endurance, and coordination. Gyrotonic is my go-to for
spine alignment, joint mobility, and increasing my ease of movement when I feel stiff and compressed.”
– Morgan Leavitt, clinical massage therapist

There is sooooo much more to staying in shape than just being given exercises to execute.

This is where I come in . . . I will safely challenge you in an environment that offers patience, positivity, and ENCOURAGEMENT to do YOUR PERSONAL BEST.  I am here to help you work your butt off and have fun doing it!

Demonstrating Teaser Laughing (1)

I promise you will leave your sessions with me feeling STRONGER, TALLER, HEALTHIER and let’s not forget . . . HAPPIER.  Oh, and you’ll also be super excited to come back for more! Any frustrations or reservations you might have with exercising I will help to ease so that you feel comfortable enough to move forward with your fitness goals.  You will learn how to turn exercising into an art form and learn to really enjoy movement. Woo hoo!

“When I leave our sessions, my body feels very worked out and healthy. I credit Pilates with helping me to actually be able to see some of my stomach muscles, so I know that my core is getting stronger.”
– Amy Wiesner

Come on, let’s start now! Send me an email through my Contact page to schedule your first session!


I began my Pilates training in 1997 after having surgery to fix torn cartilage in my knee from years of dancing. Pilates offered me a way to rehabilitate and continue dancing professionally for many years. I instantly fell in love with the method.  It not only helped to rebuild my strength, but it lifted my spirits and gave me hope and inspiration. I have had over 20 years of dance training and performing experience and taught jazz dance for a decade. As a way to bring together my love for movement and helping others, I received my Pilates certification in 2009 in New York City. I discovered the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® in 2010. It completely changed the way I approach movement and it continues to expand my body and mind every day.  I received my certification to teach the GYROTONIC® method in March 2013. I am so passionate about the abundant benefits that both Pilates and the GYROTONIC® method bring to everyone who practices them, and I hope to make a difference in the lives of my clients through these forms of exercise.


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