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Are you ready to get connected?

Hello there! I’d love to share with you how Connected in Motion came to be, what it means to me and how it applies to your life and your workouts.


Connected in Motion is a one woman Pilates and GYROTONIC® business.  I teach one-on-one Pilates and Gyrotonic sessions, as well as duet and trio Pilates sessions, and operate out of Spring Wellness Center.

How did CONNECTED IN MOTION come to be?

When I first received my Pilates certification, I was living in New York City working full-time as a legal assistant and dancing.  I started out teaching Pilates part-time at a couple of studios, but I knew I wanted something more. I wanted to be able to run things the way I knew worked best for me; I wanted to be able to communicate with my clients openly and freely in a way that represented who I was; and I wanted to work with clients that I could truly connect with.  So, I began renting space at a couple of Pilates studios, and started the journey of building my own client base.

In early 2012, it was time for me to leave the corporate world and make the commitment to my passion for teaching.  Boy, did I experience a huge shift in my energy once I was truly following what made me happy.  I felt more alive.  I felt more capable to help others.  And I felt like I was doing exactly what I was supposed to do.

Later that same year, I ended up moving to Chicago to be closer to my brother, sister-in-law and my super duper adorable niece.  This was the perfect time to take things a step further. I wanted to start growing my business in Chicago and as a part of that process I felt that it was important to create a name that had meaning behind it, and one that represented my philosophy of movement and life.  That’s when Connected in Motion was born.

What is the philosophy behind CONNECTED IN MOTION?

As it relates to movement and exercise, being CONNECTED has to do with connecting the mind and body and being PRESENT in your body.  It involves being AWARE of what you are doing, how it feels and why it’s happening. Being connected means that you are exercising intelligently and not mindlessly.  It means that the body is functioning as a WHOLE, and not just individual parts doing their own thing.

Being connected in your movement puts your mind and body in a happy and harmonious state.

What I also love about the importance of being connected, is that it also applies to our personal lives and relationships.

When we are connected and in tune with ourselves and with others we tend to feel happier, joyful and more fulfilled.

So the next time you workout, go for a walk, or spend time with a loved one, incorporate more awareness and presence into whatever you’re doing and see what unfolds.


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